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    A meticulously compiled dating compendium to help you with everything about dating and matchmaking.

    Latest Over 50s Dating Advice

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    What Not To Do On A First Date

    Enjoy The Experience Of Dating If you’re an experienced dater and you have been in this situation many times before or at the other end of the scale this is the very first time you have dated after perhaps a very long relationship or even marriage DON’T be nervous and DO try to enjoy it and gain...

    Read The Insiders Guide To Over 50s Dating The Insiders Guide To Over 50s Dating

    Approaching the BIG 50 With a Degree of Trepidation Dating can be a daunting prospect these days, particularly if you are in the ‘senior dating'...

    Latest Over 50s Dating Information

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    Do Dating Agencies Work?

    The advantages that an online dating site has are cost and volume, it is usually considerably cheaper to join a dating site or app, but at the end of the day you are just borrowing their software as it is actually you the member that does the work. For Instance: You complete your personal...

    How Much Does It Cost To Join A Dating Agency?

    Why Pay For A Dating Agency? There are major differences between using a dating agency as opposed to online dating or a dating app. Online dating...

    Is A Dating Agency Worth The Money?

    Why Are Dating Agencies Worth The Money? The financial commitment of joining a dating agency gives you the satisfaction of knowing that all members...

    What Are The Benefits of a Head-Hunting Facility?

    Traditional & Modern As a modern matchmaking agency in the business of finding love for highly eligible single men and women, we use both...

    Latest Over 50s Dating Ideas

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    Latest Over 50s What Is The Best Dating Site For Over 50’s?

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