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Our dating agency consultants around the UK help you through all our processes in finding you the perfect partner through our personal matchmaking services.

Liz Brown - Over 50s Membership Adviser

Liz Brown


Having joined us in early 2014, Liz  is very experienced within dating and matchmaking services and takes a totally professional approach to her role as a Membership Adviser with Avenues. She is intelligent, personable and very caring and  understands how important this is to our clients. Joining our membership can be  a life changing decision, particularly as online dating declines in popularity especially for those over 50 or older. Liz understands that people are reticent to now have their very private details and photographs on the internet.

Liz is particularly proud of the work we do at Avenues in keeping our clients as safe as possible, with vetting protocols for everyone we would recommend to you as our valued client. She puts her heart and soul into producing her client profiles, to truly capture the spirit and personality of every member so that those we might match you with have the opportunity to see you at your best.

Jenny - Over 50s Membership Adviser



Before I joined Avenues Dating as a membership adviser, I was fortunate enough to travel the world with a successful career in the travel industry, getting to meet and know a large number of interesting people along the way.

Having become widowed in the recent past, I can empathise and understand how important it is for the people to find the right person to enjoy the precious time they have together with.

Amanda - Membership Adviser


Membership Adviser

Amanda’s life’s motivation has always been centred around people. Whether it was the success that she enjoyed throughout her successful career in life coaching or here, helping people to find love at Avenues Dating, Amanda has always believed that success in life lies behind the 3 Cs, communication, clarity and confidence, all three of which she imparts onto her clients.

Understand how you can overcome and reframe your thoughts and feelings for emotional ease and clarity. Uncover hidden challenges that can be at the root of your current reality. Get in touch with Amanda today.

Julia - Over 50s Matchmaker

Julia Ruskin

Senior Matchmaker

I very much look forward to getting to know my matchmaking clients as individuals and to helping them meet that special person who will make their life complete.

In my spare time, I love walking in the countryside and by the sea with Oscar my dog, socialising with my friends and family and working on my crime novel which I’m determined to finish this year!

Become A Respondent Member Free

Occasionally Avenues goes outside the preferred member database, to headhunt for a client who is looking for a specific type of partner and we may look at 'Respondent Members' for this purpose. If you would like to join as a Respondent Member for FREE then click on the button below and you will be considered for this type of membership. You would need to complete a short profile and upload your photographs - which Avenues promises would never be used on any sort of public website and will always remain confidential. But please remember you would never be actively matched to other members, in the same way as a paying member.