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Read what some of the Avenues members have to say about the service.

Here you can read through some of the members previous experiences with Avenues dating agency. There are some fantastic stories from members who have found love through Avenues membership.

What Do Others Like You Say About Avenues Dating?

Here we look at several of our more recent success stories demonstrating how dating through Avenues has worked for people just like you. They represent a cross section of members and their feedback typifies the successful outcomes regularly seen at Avenues Dating agency.

Hi Hayley

Sorry I haven’t been in touch, I’ve been too busy spending time with Steve!!! It’s going very well.

We’ve been on quite a few dates and we get on really well.

He’s on holiday sailing at the moment but he contacts me every day even from the middle of the ocean!

He is great company and full of energy and probably one of the funniest people I have met!

So it’s so good, so far! Thanks for your help and input!

Email sent to Avenues - September 2022

Hi Charlotte

This is one of the best first dates I have ever had in a very long time. Honestly I don't know what to say; other than THANK YOU SO MUCH Charlotte! I hope and pray this goes well. Fingers crossed. Charlotte, Stuart is such a gentleman ... he is so kind and respectful. He gave me a lovely bunch of flowers at the end of the date. Couldn't have asked for more really. 

We're meeting up for coffee again next Friday.

Many thanks

Email sent to Avenues - August 2021


Idy and Stuart Engagement

‘Stuart proposed and I said ’YES’!

Email sent to Avenues - September 2021

Hello my dear Emma,

How sad to think I shan’t be talking to you anymore (albeit in silence!).

Yes I have seen quite a bit of David who is very kind and appears to be a genuinely good person.

Thanks so much for all of your time and effort you have spent on my behalf.

Cheers for now

Email sent to Avenues - June 2021

Hello Lynda and Karen,

2 years ago today we had our first date and we are still talking! We are very happy and want to thank you both for making this happen - we will never forget! Hope you’ve both been well in all of this, as have we. Take care xx

Cathy & Mike
Email sent to Avenues - March 2021

Morning Kerry,

Just wanted to thank you for all your time and attention over the last very difficult / strange year. Thank you for your very kind words in your last email. I too have become fond of yourself and will miss your emails in my inbox! You have done your job over the last year with great integrity, attention, love and professionalism. I have very much appreciated your friendship too. As I am too matching people to their potential homes (which is hard enough)I know that keeping enthusiasm for fussy people is not always

easy. I have always felt that you had by best interests at heart and I really appreciate your hard work. I wish you every happiness for the future.

Thank you again

Email sent to Avenues - February 2021

I joined Avenues with an open mind. I had been married twice before and whilst lonely I didn’t quite know what to expect, as I had tried online dating previously only to experience a long and constant procession of men who just wanted to take advantage of me. So I was pleasantly surprised that I was made really welcome by Polly, my Personal Matchmaker, right from the first contact. Polly talked such a lot of sense and has been around in dating for many years, so understands it very well. I was introduced to Bob from Altrincham, Cheshire, as my 4th date and straight away there was a strong physical attraction from both of us. We have now been together for almost 2 years and are inseparable now, he has asked me to marry him and we’re going to get married in Cyprus next September, which is a dream come true for me and way ahead of my initial expectations. Thank you so much to Avenues and especially to Polly who has made my life complete again.

aged 68, Manchester

I had been single for 5 years and whilst I’d enjoyed the freedom initially, after 5 years alone I yearned for the stability of someone special in my life again. I was very unsure about online dating, especially after all of the bad publicity about fake profiles and your very confidential details/photos not being secure or under your own control.  That’s not for me at all, as I have a high profile and responsible job. But my friend Peter, had enjoyed success with Avenues as long ago as the mid 1990’s and he recommended that I got in touch, he remembered Polly from the past and when we got in touch and she still worked for Avenues I was very impressed.  I had several dates before they introduced me to Sherry from Wollaton, in Nottingham (literally only 4 miles from home), who is blonde and petite and we got on very well on our first date at the theatre. Things grew from there, we’re now very happy together. We spend alternate weekends at each others homes and it’s really a lot of fun, we do loads together, have some great holidays and the whole involvement with Avenues comes highly recommended by me. Go for it and maybe you will find someone as special as Sherry has become to me.

aged 58, Derbyshire

This really has been a success story for me. I was lost when I initially came to Avenues, having been in a violent and abusive marriage for many years and then had several disastrous flings with men I met on internet based dating. It took a lot of courage to make that initial call but I’m so glad I did. Gradually my confidence and belief in myself has been restored and whilst I can’t say I have met the love of my life yet, the last 18 months with Avenues have been so much fun. I have enjoyed lots of dates, met some really nice men, I have had a brilliant social life and enjoyed several very memorable holidays too. I have just renewed my membership and I love the social aspect of this too. I would truly endorse the concept and the friendly but always professional way I have been treated. It’s been 1st class.

aged 52, Berkshire

I lost my wife Ann in 2008 and it seemed like it was not only the end of a very happy marriage but the end of my life too. I was in the depths of despair for a while but then I heard about Avenues and that they specialise in a dating service for us ‘later lifers’. I joined and just felt it would improve my life – but I just didn’t realise how much. My social life has been excellent since I joined, I go to many social events and weekend breaks through When the Music Stops, Avenues sister company. But 3 months ago I met Sylvia from Swindon, Wiltshire, who although she is considerably younger, we are getting on really well currently. Sylvia is 58, but this relationship feels right to both of us. I’m young for my age, have always been fit and active and I feel this is possibly something that is going to be long term now. So thanks Avenues and thanks to Polly, who took me right through the process very painlessly. This is a completely new world for me now and I have truly taken this second chance.

aged 73, Bristol

My story is that I tried online dating for several years and had some experiences I will never forget. Initially it worked OK in the early part of the new millennium but as it gained in popularity and sites sprang up all over the place in my opinion it became a free for all. Many of the profiles were fake and you could never rely on anything that the men were telling you, they all seemed only to be after one thing and rarely did relationships progress beyond the first couple of dates. To me this had now degenerated from dating into just sex contacts and that is not what I wanted at all. In the end I just didn’t believe anything I was being told anymore and I needed to just have a clean break from it. But even that isn’t easy as once the sites have your data, you can literally be on hundreds of sites without your knowledge or permission.

I joined Avenues 2 years ago and I couldn’t believe the difference. I found genuine people, who had paid to truly find someone special and potentially a life partner. I was treated with respect by Mary, my Personal Matchmaker and the men I was meeting, were honest, truthful and genuinely seeking someone too. Thank you Avenues, thank you Mary for all of your expertise and guidance. I have enjoyed 3 long term relationships since I joined and I am now with John, from Thurnscoe, near Rotherham and quite simply we couldn’t be happier than we are. Avenues is a service that I would totally endorse and recommend to you.

aged 72, South Yorkshire

I am happy to talk through my experiences with Avenues, even though as yet the love of my life has eluded me. Right from the start of my membership I can only describe the service I have received from Polly and Mary as excellent and after the loneliness I experienced following my wife’s affair and ultimate desertion has now been completely eradicated. Through Avenues I have now been matched successfully on 11 occasions and have now enjoyed 3 really wonderful long term relationships, with ladies that I can only describe as ‘Golden’ in each instance and all from within the Norfolk area. I can accept that none of them in the end were right for me and I have now renewed my membership for a further 12 months, during which I feel confident that ‘the one’ will emerge. This is a thoroughly worthwhile and totally enjoyable experience for me.

aged 60, Norfolk

What can I say about Avenues, other than my membership has been superb in terms of how everything has been handled and how I was matched with some of the nicest men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing in my whole life. I paid extra for my Matchmaker Polly to come and visit me at home, as I have a busy lifestyle, with a demanding job in sales and it made more sense to me. I was a little concerned that the men on the Avenues data base would not be to my taste, as let’s face it this service is great value for money, compared to London agencies, where they talk in telephone numbers to join and I mean literally £10,000+.  I have been surprised by the quality, right from the first week of my membership I have been provided with some excellent matches and man no 5, Andrew from Edmonton, North London, has now been with me for more than 6 months and things are looking very good. So yes, I am happy to provide this glowing testimonial and would like to reiterate that the service and quality I have received from Polly and Mary has been excellent. I will keep you posted about Andrew and myself.

aged 57, North London

I was open minded when I joined Avenues. I had tried online dating but couldn’t seem to meet genuine ladies. Ladies in their late 50’s and early 60’s online seem to all want younger guys and it is very easy to get despondent if you aren’t careful. Straight away I noticed the difference, which is that the people joining Avenues are all prepared to invest in their future. This is a serious business and we’re talking about our future happiness and meeting a potential life partner, I do not now believe that could or should be done on cheap low quality dating sites or even free sites, where the people seem to be on a different planet. One woman asked me for £1,000 in my first week online – supposedly as she was about to be evicted. Guys – be careful you aren’t targeted like I was.

After a period of financial instability, surely people need to be very cautious and not saddle themselves with someone else’s debt. I have a nice house and I’m in a very stable financial position which I feel I need to protect from potential gold diggers on the internet.  I’d recommend the quality of the service provided by Avenues over internet based dating every time.

I am now dating a lovely lady called Ann, from Wolverhampton in the West Midlands and I must say I feel that Ann is perfect for me, so have high hopes currently that this could be the lasting relationship I have sought for a very long time.

aged 65, Birmingham

Avenues has been a real success story for me, which is a pleasant surprise as I know it is not the most expensive dating agency in the market, especially in the South East or Greater London areas, where most companies are charging considerably more. I considered trying online dating but after watching some of the goings on, within the online dating industry on the BBC’s Panorama programme and becoming aware of some of the concerns of the Information Commission too, I felt I needed to consider my personal safety more than anything else. The thought of my personal data and photographs being all over the internet and outside my control horrified me and the fake profiles issue was also extremely worrying. So I chose Avenues in August of 2013. Straight away I was sent some very exciting profiles and I chose to meet Dan, from Salisbury in Wiltshire, who is a little younger than me at 52, but we hit it off straight away. It’s early days but we are very attracted to each other and he is such a genuine and very caring man. I feel I have been very fortunate to find him.

aged 59, Berkshire

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