• Terms & Conditions

    1. Your contract with us

    These Terms and Conditions together with the service as detailed in your Membership Agreement govern the sale and provision of the service and form the contract you are entering into between us and you. The price payable for the services is as set out on your Membership Agreement and is inclusive of any applicable VAT. We take payment upon receipt of your order and accept no liability if services are delayed where payment is not received by us. If it is not possible to obtain full payment, then we may refuse to process your order and/or suspend services.

    By your purchase of a membership from us you agree to be bound by these Terms and conditions. You are entering into a contract based on these terms and conditions on the date we receive your first payment irrespective of whether you have signed the Membership Agreement supplied. The membership purchased is personal to you the member as named on the Membership Agreement and may not be transferred by you to anyone else.

    2. Membership

    You are required not to be in a relationship whilst requesting the matchmaking service from us and to provide us with true and accurate information. You must tell us as soon as possible when any of the following applies: you begin a new relationship; there is any change in your availability for introductions to others; there has been any significant change in your personal circumstances that may require updating your dating profile, to ensure the information shared with other members is kept up to date.

    Whilst all members are interviewed, and ID verified, we accept the particulars given to us in good faith and rely on members to keep us updated of any change. We advise you to verify the particulars of others for yourself and draw to your attention that we cannot accept any liability for the validity of the information we provide. The care taken on our part in sourcing others to recommend to you, in no way absolves you of your personal responsibility for your own safety or security during meetings or relationships with those we introduce you to. Your safety is very important, we advise you to read our Dating Safety Handbook and to take sensible precautions. We reserve the right to decline any application for membership.

    3. Matchmaking Service

    Your matchmaking service can commence after your profiling interview, and we have all the necessary documents from you including your approval of your dating profile. Your service may include additional services to matchmaking if specified in your Membership Agreement and if so, it is your responsibility to request these additional services during your membership. Any such additional services will not be available once your membership has ended.

    Where included in your Membership Agreement, “Recommendations”, is defined as profiles of others selected and put forward to you on a one at a time basis. You accept that we do not guarantee the outcomes of Recommendations and that those we recommend to you will not necessarily agree to proceeding further and/or to meeting you, as the choices made by others is not within our control. For the avoidance of doubt, all Recommendations will be counted towards any number of Recommendations guaranteed in your Membership Agreement, irrespective of whether or not either of the parties involved agree to being put in touch with each other. Where included in your Membership Agreement, “Confirmed Introductions” is defined as where both you and the person we put forward as a Recommendation, agree to being put in touch with each other. For the avoidance of doubt, this term, ‘Confirmed Introductions’, does not imply any guarantee of a meeting and all Confirmed Introductions will count towards any number of Confirmed Introductions that may be guaranteed in your agreement.

    Provided you have requested a Recommendation, then subject to availability a Recommendation will be put forward to you. If you no longer wish to receive Recommendations from us we will not be required to supply them. It remains entirely your responsibility to let us know whenever you would like to receive a Recommendation and as a courtesy to our other members, we would not normally supply further Recommendations to you unless we are certain you require them. If we determine that you are not available to receive a Recommendation, then as a courtesy to our other members, your service may be suspended and reactivated when you ask us to do so, provided there is still service time remaining.

    No guarantee is given that any recommendation we put forward will satisfy all of your preferences in a partner. We reserve the right and absolute discretion to recommend others to you who we consider might be acceptable, notwithstanding that these persons may only match your partner preferences to a degree as this approach has proved successful for many of our clients. The number of Recommendations we will put forward depends upon your characteristics and how narrow or otherwise your partner preferences are. Where we believe your noted partner preferences are unrealistically restrictive, we may review your noted partner preferences with you and suggest widening your partner preferences to support potentially facilitating more introductions for you. We will fulfil our guarantee of supplying either Recommendations or Confirmed Introductions as specified in your Membership Agreement, even if where necessary, we need to extend the period of service, subject to all the following provisions:

    • a) There has been no change in your own circumstances or partner preferences after your profiling interview which is likely to make matchmaking significantly more difficult or impossible.
    • b) Where any number of Confirmed Introductions is guaranteed on your Membership Agreement, this guarantee is limited to either this number being achieved or where we have supplied at least two and a half times this number to you as Recommendations, irrespective of whether or not these Recommendations progressed to become Confirmed Introductions.
    • c) You have been available and maintained contact with us to receive Recommendations.

    As we want to help create opportunities for members to meet each other, you may from time to time, be offered profiles of others as a “Bonus Match”. These Bonus Match profiles are selected based upon other member’s partner preferences, and we will make clear if a Bonus Match is being presented to you. Any Bonus Matches will only be counted towards any guarantees in your Membership Agreement if both the members involved accept each other’s profile.

    Our matchmaking can include the sourcing of potential partners from beyond our current membership; we reserve the right to recommend others who may have been retained through these means and may not have paid a fee. However, all those we will recommend to you from whatever source, will first have been ID verified and interviewed.

    4. Conduct requirements

    We will always treat you and all our members with courtesy and respect, and we expect and require the same in return. You agree not to: harass, or cause a nuisance, inconvenience, distress or anxiety or violate the privacy of anyone we introduce you to or cause the same to any employee or agent of this Company or Dating Options Limited or its subsidiary or associated companies; or do anything which restricts or inhibits anyone else’s use and enjoyment of the services, nor do anything that deliberately or recklessly prejudices or damages the reputation of this company or Dating Options Limited or any of its subsidiary or associated companies.

    5. If there is a problem with the services

    If you have any questions or complaints about our services, please contact us. You can do so by calling us on 0800 644 4170, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, or by writing to us at: Membership, Avenues Dating Limited, c/o 8 Arrow Court, Alcester, Warwickshire, B49 6PU or by contacting us via email: [email protected] We are under a legal duty to supply services that are in conformity with this contract and in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (the Act).

    If for whatever reason, you are unhappy with the service received from us or the behaviour of another member, you agree to contact us without delay and to provide us with sufficient details to be able to resolve the situation.

    6. Upholding Confidentiality

    We will hold your details in the strictest confidence and abide by The Data Protection Act and GDPR. You agree not to disclose any of your membership experience or the identity or personal information of any others we introduce you to, to anyone including any media outlets or share such information anywhere online or any website without the explicit permission of both us and of the other party(s) concerned. You must not discuss or show any details of other members that we have supplied to you, to any other members or non-members at any time during or after your membership as this would be a violation of privacy. You agree that we can share your data with 3rd parties for validation purposes and can share your data with other matchmaking agencies we liaise with solely for the purposes of matchmaking. Should your service include advertising, you agree we can share agreed information about you for the purposes of advertising for prospective partners for you. We advise you to refer to our current Privacy Policy displayed on our website for further information on how we protect and process your data.

    7. Where a membership “freeze facility” is included in your Membership

    Agreement: There is the option for you to suspend the service and freeze your membership for periods of at least one month only where you have a freeze facility included in your Membership Agreement. It remains solely your responsibility to inform us if you would like to reactivate your service after you freeze it. Where any membership freeze facility included in your agreement is exceeded, then all the following provisions will apply:

    • a) Your membership service time will run as if it were active membership.
    • b) It remains your responsibility to let us know if you wish the service to be reactivated.
    • c) Your membership will expire once your membership time has elapsed.
    • d) We will not be required to meet guarantees for any number of recommendations or introductions where the membership freeze facility has run beyond the maximum time permitted in your Membership Agreement.

    8. Suspending Membership

    Should you experience the onset or exacerbation of a serious medical condition or suffer a serious injury, then at the company’s sole discretion, your services may be suspended for up to one year, provided you let us know at the time of onset. In this instance, no service time nor any freeze facility time, (if detailed in your Membership Agreement), will be lost, with the time being added on to your membership service.

    If we are investigating some aspect of your membership, your membership may be suspended. In this instance, no service time nor any freeze facility time, (if detailed in your Membership Agreement), will be lost, with the time for our investigation added on to your membership service.

    If you are charged with a criminal offence, you must let us know immediately and your service will be suspended awaiting the outcome of any potential prosecution.

    If you have repeatedly failed to respond to our communications, then as a courtesy to our other members, your service may need to be suspended. In such instances any freeze facility time in your Membership Agreement will be used and if this time is not available or has been exceeded, your membership service time will run as if it were active membership.

    9. Terminating Membership

    We have the right to terminate your membership in the following circumstances where:

    • You have breached these terms and conditions.
    • You have failed to maintain contact with us or not responded to our repeated contacts for a period of more than 6 months.
    • You have knowingly provided us with inaccurate or false information.
    • We have received either a serious complaint or persistent complaints about you which in the sole opinion of our Managing Director, justifies termination of membership.
    • Either your personal details or partner preferences have significantly changed. This would include but is not limited to a relocation or a significant change in your partner preferences compared to your partner preferences recorded at interview that adversely impacts upon the number of Recommendations available from our database or the acquisition of a criminal record.

    For the avoidance of any doubt, in the event of a termination of this contract by us, no refund will be applicable unless we have breached these Terms and Conditions or breached your Consumer Rights.

    10. Right to Cancel

    Your contract with us commences on the date that we receive your first payment. The Consumer Contracts Regulations (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) 2013 apply and you have the legal right to cancel this contract for any reason within 14 days of the date that your contract commences, (the Cancellation Period). You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without giving any reason. The Cancellation Period will expire after 14 days from the date that your contract commenced. To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us of your decision to cancel this contract by a clear written statement, e.g., using post or email: write to Avenues Dating Limited, Membership, c/o 8 Arrow Court, Alcester, Warwickshire, B49 6PU, 0800 644 4170, or email: [email protected] To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning your exercise of the right to cancel before the cancellation period has expired.

    11. Effects of Cancellation Within the Cancellation Period:

    If you cancel this contract, we will reimburse all payment(s) received from you. We will make the reimbursement without undue delay, and not later than 14 days after the day on which we are informed of your decision to cancel this contract. If you require us to begin services within the Cancellation Period, we require you to make an Express Request to do so. In such cases, your right to cancel continues until either the end of the Cancellation Period, or the completion of the services, whichever is earlier. If you cancel during the Cancellation Period, we will charge you for any services provided up until the point when we receive your cancellation notice and will provide a partial and proportional refund accordingly. Specifically, the following deductions from your refund will be applied where applicable: a home-based or office face to face profiling consultation, £500 (plus any travel costs), or £250 for a video or telephone-based profiling interview, (interviews remain chargeable if not cancelled within 24 hours or if you fail to attend); Client Registration including data entry, background checks, initial searches and administration, £500; your profile drafted £250; headhunting service initiated if applicable, £250, relationships coaching or other associated services if applicable, £75 upwards.

    12. Cancellation Beyond the Cancellation Period and Effects:

    You may terminate your membership with us at any time by writing to us using post or email. However, for the avoidance of any doubt, in the event of a termination of this contract either by us or you, no refund will be applicable unless we have breached these Terms and Conditions or breached your Consumer Rights. This contract is for the maximum service term detailed on your Membership Agreement if that is required, with no refund applicable for early termination; the service and the fee paid are not divisible pro rata, so if you change your mind or no longer require the service before the end of your contract term, then no part of the fee shall be refundable. You will not be entitled to any refund for any other reason(s) other than your legal right to cancel within 14 days of when this contract commences.


    We may assign this contract for operational reasons or in connection with a business transfer or reorganisation. This contract is subject to English law and the English courts will have jurisdiction in respect of any dispute arising from this contract. If any provision shall be found by an English court to be unenforceable or invalid this shall not affect other provisions within this contract and all other provisions not affected will remain in full force and effect. Nothing in this agreement is intended to, nor shall it confer rights on any third party. Severability: if any provision in these terms and conditions is deemed to be illegal, unenforceable or invalid for any reason, it shall be deemed to have been struck out and the remaining provisions shall survive and continue to be binding and enforceable. Your use of our services is solely at your own risk, and we do not accept any liability for any harm, loss, damage, claim or expense, whether direct or indirect and howsoever caused, arising out of your membership and/or your use of our services or reliance upon advice or information provided by us. All warranties in respect of the service and /or such information, whether express or implied, are excluded.

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