About Avenues Dating

Avenues was founded long ago in the 1990’s and grew very quickly to be one of the largest and best known mature dating brands in the UK, with 22 offices nationwide and a turnover in excess of £8 million. Avenues specialises in traditional face to face introductions and all clients are personally interviewed and carefully vetted – so remain very different to an online dating company or dating app. 

What is Avenues Dating?

The unique differentiator remains today, just as it always has – and that is Avenues operates face to face and away from the internet. This enables absolute confidentiality and privacy and never will your name, personal details or photograph ever appear on an internet site. The Avenues promise being that it will always be confidential between you, your personal matchmaker and just a few carefully selected potential partners that have been specifically researched and selected for you.

What Avenues Dating Agency Could Do For You

Avenues database is one of the largest of personally interviewed and carefully vetted clients in the UK and would include people largely from a professional background, business owners, entrepreneurs, senior management, academics and the active retired. Focusing on over 50s dating (our sister company Matchmakers caters for those aged 25-49), which is an important and constantly growing sector of the dating marketplace. This enables us to provide the highest quality of service to the mature dating sector and our face to face tradition also, which ensures you are dating safely and with people we know well right from your very first match.

Why Choose Avenues Dating?

Usually if you’re over 50 then there has to be a tick in almost every box if you’re going to meet someone and have them as a significant part f your life. At Avenues you will be introduced to carefully vetted, hand picked people, that we believe might well be perfect for you. Having the largest and we believe best trained matchmaking team in the business – ‘your friend in the dating business’ to work with you and support you throughout your membership, to hopefully guide you to an amazing new partner you can be happy with.

Meet The Avenues Dating Team

The Avenues team are friendly and trustworthy and are happy to help you in any way, without obligation, as you decide whether or not you feel Avenues Dating is right for you.

The team is made up of our membership advisers Liz, Victoria, Jane and Jenny, who handle your first enquiry and answer any questions you may have, plus Vicky and Alison our client registration team, our matchmakers Lyn, Julia, Nat, Dani and Hayley, plus our head-hunter Kerry and dating coach Karen. They are proud to be part of Avenues and some have served us for many years having started their careers originally in the 1990’s.