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    At Avenues Dating, we offer a mature dating service for those located anywhere across the UK. We are exclusively dedicated to serving individuals over the age of fifty, understanding that life’s most meaningful connections can happen at any stage. Our approach stands apart from the realm of online dating, distancing itself from the public and highly visible profiles found on the internet. Whether you have a high-profile job, are a well-known figure in your community, or simply cherish your privacy, we’re here to ensure your details remain confidential. Avenues Dating could be the discreet and tailored solution you’ve been seeking.

    Perhaps you’ve explored online dating, or you’re new to dating after a significant life change. If the notion of sharing your highly personal information and photos on an online dating platform doesn’t resonate with you, our friendly Personal Matchmakers are here to guide you through our traditional dating service. We believe that life is at its best when shared with a special someone, and we’re dedicated to helping you rediscover that joy.

    Recent changes in the dating landscape, particularly within online dating, have raised concerns:
    • The prevalence of fake profiles in the UK, exceeds one million, as reported by the BBC’s Panorama.
    • Questionable security and terms and conditions on some online dating websites, prompting warnings from the Information Commission.
    • Unauthorised sharing of personal and confidential profiles and photographs between online dating companies.
    • A significant surge in online dating fraud, with over £100 million reported in the last year, affecting both men and women.
    • Safety concerns, with 828 “online dating-related” crimes reported in the UK between 2013 and 2015, encompassing sexual assault, rape, blackmail, violence, and even murder.
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    If you’re looking to avoid these risks and explore a more traditional personal introductions and executive search service, crafted specifically for those over 50, we invite you to get in touch.

    Our experienced and friendly Membership Advisers are ready to guide you through our services, showcasing the exceptional value we provide. Your journey to meaningful companionship begins here.

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    So, if you are over 50, looking for a really special partner and feel that confidentiality, discretion and the expertise of a personal matchmaker is a better way forward than searching for someone alone online, get in touch. If you want to find a dating company you can trust, where customer service and care still matters, where integrity, value for money and transparency are our watchwords, then contact Avenues Dating today on freephone 0800 644 4170, or to find out more email us at [email protected].