Victoria's Story

Senior membership adviser's own story of finding love through Avenues dating agency

Read the fantastic story of Victoria, a senior membership adviser at Avenues and how she found love using Avenues dating agency herself.

Victoria's Story - Avenues Dating

Victoria’s Story Of Finding True Love Through Avenues Dating Agency

Victoria Davies has maintained a long association with Personal Introductions and Matchmaking. She joined Avenues as long ago as the year 2000, helping to change the lives of our clients for over 20 years. She is a dedicated person, proud to be involved in the personal introductions industry, as someone with first hand experience of how working with a Professional Matchmaker can change things for the better. Here is Victoria’s story of finding true love through Avenues. Her personal journey is a living testimony that illustrates choosing to use matchmaking services really can be life changing. 

As a young woman with two children, Victoria was left devastated by the sudden death of her wonderful husband Chris. The bottom fell out of her world, the grief was unbelievable and she became a total lost soul.

One day, Victoria decided to take a leap of faith and went to talk to Avenues. Far from convinced that this was the right thing to do, she was very surprised as to how relaxed the consultant made her feel - it turned out to be a very positive experience. Not only did she join but from that day on she was determined to somehow find her own role within the industry.


After a couple of initial dates, Victoria was introduced to John, He sounded so lovely when they first spoke and when they met she felt as if she already knew him. The connection was instant. With so many common interests and both widowed, there was a deep empathy between them which soon became something so very special.


Three years later, they were married and went on to share many incredible happy years together. Had she not taken that leap of faith, their paths would never have crossed - they would never have met. It was the best investment she has ever made and although very sadly John passed away several years ago, Victoria continued working to help others find true love and happiness. Perhaps now it’s time for you too, to take this brave step forward towards an exciting new future? 


A wonderful ambassador for Avenues Dating, Victoria retired in 2022 but her passion for matchmaking and helping others to find love continues with our friendly team of Personal Matchmakers. If you would like to talk through how working with a Personal Matchmaker could be the perfect way to meet your special someone, just get in touch with us on our freephone number, 0800 644 4170. We are available most days from 9am until 9pm.

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