Why Avenues is Smashing Over 50's Stereotypes

Why Over 50s Dating Is Plagued By Stereotypes...

An estimated 2.4 million over 50s currently live alone in the UK.  As a result, over 50's dating has become big business. The internet is awash with online dating solutions and advice. However, most of these agencies and experts are still focused on outdated stereotypes. Gone are the days when reaching middle age meant settling into a sedate existence. At Avenues, we understand that our clients are often feeling better than ever about themselves and their lives. Let's take a look at what over 50s dating actually looks like today:



For many of our members, the days of family package deals are over.  As a result, travel destinations are more romantic and adventurous.  Our fabulous single men and women are looking for someone special to enjoy these magical experiences with.  For some, it's simply shared, spontaneous weekends on the British coast that make up the dream; for others, it's long-haul destinations and physical challenges.  A significant number of our members combine travel with fund raising experiences.  We're both in awe and immensely proud of the selflessness of our members.

physical appearance

Physical Appearance

Ageing was once a process to be feared.  Today, over 50s can look as young as they feel.  Gone are the days when women had to start thinking about 'hiding their knees' or adopting sensible shoes.  Female icons such as Helen Mirren; Judy Dench; Kylie Minogue and Jane Fonda have shown us that when it comes to physical appearance, age really is just a number.  Meanwhile, stars like Colin Firth; Antonio Banderas and Denzel Washington are proving that sex appeal certainly doesn't diminish as we grow older and wiser. 

At whichever stage of life you may be enjoying, take Avenues' advice and live life as your strongest, most beautiful self!

Smashing over 50s stereotypes

Health & Fitness

Avenues members tend to lead extremely active and healthy lives. Walking; running; tennis; Pilates; yoga; swimming and sailing are among the top ten activities our clients list as being important to their overall well-being.  Often with more leisure time and a higher disposable income than ever before, Avenues members are able to devote time and energy to looking and feeling AMAZING.

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