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If you are currently searching for a new partner as millions over 50s in the UK now are, as we get older and more discerning there usually has to be a tick in every box before we get serious about someone and with online dating that is not always easy to achieve.

In recent years people seem to have become more and more aware of the problems associated with online dating and it has become a no go area for many as a consequence of these, as they just do not want to put themselves at risk.

The top 10 concerns in a recent survey we conducted were as follows:

  1. The lack of confidentiality and people who you may know having access to your private details, thoughts and aspirations on a highly public website.
  2. Having your photo or photos on your profile to make you instantly recognisable to people who may not even have signed up for Membership.
  3. The ever growing crime rate associated with online dating and the seriousness of those crimes, including murder, rape, serious sexual assault, blackmail, extortion and fraud
  4. Fraud levels involving the internet are now running at around £100,000,000 per annum – that is real cash being taken from peoples bank accounts or being gifted erroneously to others in a scam.
  5. The level of fake profiles online and on dating apps, was revealed by the BBC’s Panorama as ‘more than 1 million’. With British profiles appearing overseas under false names too.
  6. Out of date photos – people using photographs of others or of themselves taken 20 years ago.
  7. Dating people that are not at the same level as yourself – non professionals and people who are just not appropriate.
  8. Dating people that you suspect are not genuine and who they say they are.
  9. Being vulnerable – having know one to ask questions or provide guidance.
  10. Feeling isolated and preferring to deal with another human being, ideally in the place that you feel most comfortable – your own home.

The big question has to be however is ‘does it have to be this way?’ and frankly at Avenues it doesn’t, we have the largest team of Personal Matchmakers in the UK and we are here to help and advise from the start – your very first contact with us, answering your questions openly and honestly, as to whether or not we can help bring that high quality partner or soulmate into your life.

We also have a stringent vetting procedure to ensure that all members are 100% genuine, are known to us, have been ID checked using photographic evidence and have been personally interviewed face to face. This guarantees that our members are not with a partner already, are living exactly where they say they are, that they are solvent and also that they have not been involved in any sort of fraud or money crime.

We provide a complimentary professional photography service at our office in our own photographic studio – to 100% ensure that you are photographed at your absolute best by one of our experts and that your profile is prepared to a professional standard. It really DOES make a difference to present each and every client very well.

At Avenues we aim to take away the risks that online dating sites live with 24/7, we aim to provide a comprehensive and safe service that others just could not deliver in the same way as we do and we stand every type of scrutiny too, as you can come to our office, meet the staff, see our systems and generally make sure that you are 100% happy with us before you move ahead and join. Not many dating companies in the UK or abroad could make that offer to you, but Avenues can. Ring us and speak to one of our team today on 0800 644 4180. We’d love to hear from you.

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