5 Ways To Know You're Attracting The Right Person

It’s so difficult to know when you’re in a good position to attract the right person. And when someone does come along, it’s even harder to know if they’re ‘the one’ or if you could be just wasting your time. What if there were certain signs that we could take note of when we first start dating someone to prevent these worries?  

Here are 5 ways to know you’re attracting the right person: 


  1. You can be yourself around them – Being your authentic self around someone new is so important. If you meet someone and feel comfortable around them from the outset, this could be a good indication that you should keep them around. 
  2. The butterfly test – It may sound cliché but getting butterflies when you’re around someone is a pretty sure-fire way to ascertain that there is an attraction there. Even better, if these butterflies continue after the initial dating period, this could be a sign that you’re attracting the right person. 
  3. Friends and family approve – A really positive sign that you’re attracting the right person is if they get along with your friends and family. If you attract someone who can meet your parents’ approval and go out for drinks with you and your best friends, the chances are you’re on to a winner. 
  4. Spending time with them is easy – Nobody likes to feel like spending time with someone they’re dating is hard work. If someone comes into your life who enjoys the same hobbies as you and who you can easily while away the time with, that is a really positive sign that you’re on the right track. 
  5. You still enjoy being alone – You are attracting the right person if you love spending time with them but you still enjoy your own space. Finding yourself too dependent on another person to feel happy is never healthy, and the right person will make sure you still have your own identity, hobbies, and space outside the relationship. 

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