5 Texting Tips For Mature Daters

There’s been a steady shift in dating practices over the years, with more and more people favouring the text message over a phone call. It’s convenient, you can perhaps express yourself more confidently, and it’s a cheap alternative to picking up the phone! 

However, it’s also a bit of a challenge to understand the tone of a text message, and complications can arise if you aren’t careful. One of the biggest advantages of a text is you have the time to think it over before sending. Make sure you do! 

Here are 5 texting tips for mature daters: 

  1. Don’t over analyse – understanding tone in a text can be tricky unless you know the person. Some people may be bubbly in person but abrupt with their text replies. That may not have anything to do with you, but some people don’t like using their phone to send messages. You’ll soon be able to pick this up with subsequent conversation and meeting in person. 
  2. Establish a rapport – text messaging is excellent for opening up; revealing something you may not say in person at first. Just make sure that you build up a rapport first – understanding the other person and their nuances. What may seem like a way in to ask personal questions, test the water first. 
  3. Frequency – everybody wants attention in some way or another – especially from a prospective partner, however, be mindful of how often you text as this can come across as a little too needy and may be more disruptive than intended. Of course, if the other party is responding in kind, this may be a good sign also!  
  4. Find a balance – based on the above, you should be able to find a regular slot where you are regularly in contact, such as after work, or after dinner, for example. This can offer a support line, comfort, or just the stability of an informal text chat. Being consistent will help accelerate whether or not this is a match for you. 
  5. Be honest – though texting allows you to be a bit more confident, don’t put on an act or be anyone other than yourself. This will not only counteract the dating experience, but you’ll be lying to yourself. Set up boundaries, be upfront with the ‘potential life partner’ and letting them know what sort of relationship you are looking for and be candid whether there is anything they need to know about you, not what you think they want to hear.  

As per the tips above, always set boundaries, be yourself and proceed at a pace you are comfortable with. Text messaging isn’t the same as social media and is a private experience, but you may still have reservations. If that’s the case, do get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help and advise on other methods to help you find your soulmate!

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