5 Reasons Why You Should Never Let Your Friends Be Your Matchmaker

Being single can quickly turn into a team event when well-meaning friends step in to help you find your perfect match. But more often than not, those perfect matches don’t work out. When it comes to finding love, Here are 5 reasons you should never let a friend be your matchmaker:

  1. They don’t always have your best interests at heart – that doesn’t mean they don’t love you but are they trying to find you a partner because they want to devote more time to their own love life?Will that effect their choice of potential partners for you?
  2. They might not know you the way they think – you may have been friends for years but that doesn’t mean they know everything about you. If you haven’t really shared what it is you’re looking for exactly in a partner, chance are they’ll miss the mark.
  3. It could end in resentment – they know they’ve picked you a life partner, you’re not entirely sure. If you reject their sure bet, how will that affect your friendship? Mixing romance and friendship can lead to tears.
  4. They could end up managing your relationship - what if it does go well and you decide to keep seeing each other? At what point does your friend step out of the relationship? You run the risk of having your friend micro-manage your relationship, after having set you up. It can ultimately lead to a loss of friendship and resentment on both sides.
  5. Too much pressure – your friend has spent hours convincing you to go on this date and you’ve finally given in.

Once there, you’re far from convinced but you know how much your friend believes this could work. The pressure is on. Do you want to risk upsetting your friend or following your instincts?

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