5 Realistic Expectations When Going On A Date

Dating can be a daunting experience, especially in the modern world of online dating platforms and social media hook-ups. We have a tendency to heap so much stress onto the first date and to analyse every moment, whether we’re looking for ‘the one’ or just trying to ascertain whether someone is worth our time. But what if we were realistic about our expectations of going on a first date with a stranger?  

Here are 5 realistic expectations to have before going on a date: 


  1. Initial awkwardness – A bit of awkwardness when spending time alone with someone new is completely normal, and even if you don’t click straight away, that doesn’t mean you won’t by the end! Expect a little awkwardness at first, and it’ll help you to relax for the rest of the date. 
  2. Nerves – Even after the initial awkward introductions, your date might come across nervous, and so might you! Don’t let nerves put you off or make you think there’s no spark, as by the end of the date you’re both likely to be far more relaxed. 
  3. Losing track of time – If you’re on a good date with someone and you click well, the time will fly. Expect to be out for a while and don’t put a time limit on it as you don’t want to stress about having to rush off somewhere. 
  4. Fumbling for the cheque – If you’re out for a meal or drinks, another awkward moment might arise at the end of the date when it comes to deciding who pays. Splitting it is always a good solution, or if you know there’s going to be a date number two, why not suggest taking turns? 
  5. Nosey friends – The chances are that no matter how the date went, your friends will demand to know every last detail. Expect to have to recount every second to your gossiping mates, from their outfit choice to how you said goodbye at the end. 

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