4 Ways To Beat Pre-Date Anxiety Or Nerves

Everybody will experience some sort of anxiety or nerves before a date. It’s perfectly natural and not something you should be worrying about, but we totally understand that it’s an unpleasant feeling you want to go away! 

Consider these nerves more of a positive in that you’ll be alert, looking to make a good impression and be on your best behaviour! However, the build-up can throw a spanner in the works so, you need some tools to help you manage this. 

Here are 4 ways to beat pre-date anxiety or nerves: 

  1. Controlled breathing – this is an essential skill that can be carried over to any experience. Slow everything down by focusing on the air you breathe in and out, holding the breath briefly to slow down your heart rate. Unsurprisingly, your brain needs oxygen to function so getting this technique perfected will have you at your best!  
  2. Familiar settings – stepping out of your comfort zone is a good thing, but on a first-date, play it safe. Meeting someone new is already going to make you anxious, but going to a new restaurant trying new foods, or going on an event-like date that you’ve never experienced will increase your nerves. Do something familiar that you both agree on (it also shows your existing interests too). 
  3. Preparation – keep yourself mentally occupied the day before and on the day of the date so you aren’t worried about what could happen. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, eat and drink plenty (without spoiling the meal if you’re going out to eat!). Also, don’t decide on what to wear an hour before or it’ll make your anxiety worse. 
  4. You’re in the same boat – remember what was said at the beginning ‘everybody will experience some sort of anxiety or nerves before the date’. This applies here too. While they may seem calm, they’re likely to be as nervous so keep that in mind and don’t internalise too much.  

It’s perfectly natural to get nervous, but don’t let that take over the experience as it’s there to get to know the other person and best of all, enjoy it! Our service pushes security and being at a certain stage before meeting in person sounds a bit scary.  

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