5 Benefits Of Dating Later On In Life

Whether you’re separated, bereaved, or have been single for some time, it’s never too late to start a new relationship.

The idea of finding love later in life doesn’t get the attention that millennial dating receives, but this something that’s rapidly changing.

Dating for older adults is on the rise, especially thanks to dating apps and sites, and people are now starting to realise the plentiful benefits of holding off for a while.

Here are 5 benefits of dating later in life:

1. You know yourself – one of the best things about dating when you’re older is that you know yourself, and what you want, better than at any other time of your life. You also understand what you need from a relationship (and what you can give!) better than you would as a teenager.

2. Your kids are grown up – your kids are likely grown up and have flown the nest, giving you more time and space to switch the focus to yourself. This time of life is for YOU, allowing you to commit more to finding happiness.

3. You have more time – if you’re retired or have cut back on the hours you spend at certain jobs or hobbies, now’s the perfect time to get to know new people and try out new things.

4. It combats loneliness – older people, especially men, can sometimes suffer from loneliness in their later years – which is not always easy to recognise or admit. Dating is an amazing cure for loneliness, meaning you’ll stay happier and healthier for longer.

5. It keeps you young – there’s nothing like an exciting new beginning to get you feeling young, again. It’s never too late to have a life-changing adventure with that someone special!

If you’re looking to find the next love of your life, try Avenues Dating – a specialist matchmaking service for the over 50’s that takes away all of the issues associated with today’s rapid-fire, swipe left/right culture.

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