Love: Why It's Never Too Late To Start Again

At Avenues, we recently received a letter from a beautiful lady in her 60s who joined us, hoping to find love. The letter read:

I joined Avenues almost two years ago. I was introduced to Avenues by a friend of my daughters, who met her Mr Right on the first introduction, married and has lived happily ever after. I had been on my own for five years, but missed the feeling of being loved and being special to someone. I hoped to meet a gentleman to go out to dinner or the theatre with. I was nervous when I spoke to my matchmaker but was reassured, understood and made to feel very comfortable by her. She understood what a huge step it was for me to phone. She encouraged me to widen my horizons when I received a profile. Yes, I got disheartened when time passed, but she was always there to listen and advise. I have now met a lovely gentleman and am so pleased that I listened to her advice. I would recommend Avenues to anyone looking for love. It might not happen straight-away but this team of woman are passionate about their role in our lives as matchmakers and I would say trust them, they have your best interests at heart. 

Our team are always incredibly moved by the difference we are able to make to people's lives. Love is a feeling that we all deserve to experience in our day-to-day lives. When we find ourselves single after divorce or bereavement, it can be hard to find the strength to look for happiness again. At Avenues, our matchmakers understand this. Many of us have been through similar experiences. So our message is always - it's never too late to start again.

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