Five Myths About Over 50s Dating

At Avenues, we know that there are many preconceptions about over 50s dating. In our 20s and 30s, we imagine that after several more decades, we'll be slower, less go-getting versions of ourselves. As a result of our unrivalled experience in over 50s dating, The Avenues team knows this simply isn't true!  Here, we bust five key myths:

Over 50s Are Too Set In Their Ways To Make Room For Love:

In our experience, our clients are among the most adventurous and vibrant on the dating scene.  During the initial interview process, we learn more about each individual member.  This is always an inspiring meeting!  Not only do our clients lead fulfilled lives, but they are keen to expand on their knowledge and life experiences.  Whereas younger people want partners who share their interests, more mature singles are open to trying new things.

The Sex Is No Longer Important

Let's bust that myth straight away!  Our clients are excited about the prospect of desire and intimacy.  When the chemistry is right, it doesn't matter whether you're 25 or 65, all of those wonderful 'walking on air' feelings return.  Let's face it, during all stages of adult life, there are influences that effect our interest in sex: age is not one of them.

There's Just Too Much Baggage

The way we manage our lives and family relationships impacts upon our ability to enjoy a romantic relationship, at any age. Over 50s are unlikely to have the financial and emotional demands of very young children. However, they may have older children; parents who are becoming more needy; grandchildren. None of this needs to isolate a person from finding and enjoying love. The important thing to remember is that we all deserve happiness. Don't allow your responsibilities to overwhelm you.  Set boundaries within all of your relationships.

It's All About Attracting A Younger Person

Honestly, most of our clients tell us that they'd like to meet someone five years either side of their own age.  Those who steadfastly insist upon a partner several decades younger have their reasons for doing so.  For men, it's often linked to a desire to start a family.  For women, it's frequently linked to having endured the physically and emotionally demanding experience of caring for a partner, or parent, who became ill in older age.

Over 50s Have Already Won & Lost Their Great Love

Wrong!  We never know at which stage of life we will meet the great love of our lives.  Many over 50s have spent years in marriages that were built on a sense of duty/responsibility/convenience.  Finally being free to date who we want, at the pace we want, gives us the chance to truly find a soulmate!   The second halves of our lives are the most precious.  Don't allow preconceptions about over 50s dating to hold you back! Our friendly Membership Advisers are available 9am - 9pm every day on 0800 644 4170 .

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