The Countdown to Peak Dating Season Begins!

There are many reasons why Christmas feels like the most magical time of the year.  However, for singles, it's the 26th December that brings real excitement as the start of peak dating season!

What is Peak Dating Season?

Between 26th December and Valentines Day, the desire to find love reaches an annual high.  More first dates occur at this time of year than any other. Having spent the holiday break watching heart warming movies and sipping mulled wine by roaring fires, single men and women feel a new impetuous to find love. At Avenues, we see a peak in dating activity during the second week of January.  People are feeling optimistic at the start of a new year. Many have added ''Find Love' to their list of resolutions.

How Can I Maximise My Chances of Finding Love Over The Festive Season?

It's important to keep your head. Nostalgia can overtake the most level headed of us at Christmas. One in ten people will find that an ex reaches out. New Year's Eve in particular can be an emotionally charged prospect. Take time out to make a list of the things that are truly important to you in a relationship. We're not talking about superficial qualities here. In reality, an inch in height, or a few years either side in age, will not define your soulmate. Imagine finding a partner who displays qualities like compassion; a sense of humour; a positive outlook.

How Can A Personal Matchmaker Help Me?

Avenues is the one of the most established traditional dating agencies in the UK.  Our Personal Matchmakers have access to one of the largest memberships of single men and women in the country. With a friendly and empathetic approach, our team will be ensuring our clients start the new year with the best possible chance of finding love. Our experienced Membership Advisers are available to share an informal chat about how we can help you on: 0800 644 4170 9AM - 9PM EVERYDAY

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