The Benefits Of Using A Head-Hunting Facility

When it comes to finding the perfect match for members who have purchased a head-hunting facility, there is no limit upon the scope of our search. Our team of professional head-hunters are experts in identifying high calibre, successful and attractive individuals to join our exclusive dating platform via a By Invitation Only membership.


Traditional & Modern


As a modern matchmaking agency in the business of finding love for highly eligible single men and women, we use both traditional and high-tech head-hunting tools to provide our members with the very best chance of finding love. Head-hunting isn't about finding as many potential matches as possible, it's about finding the right match.


When you purchase a membership with a head-hunting facility, our experienced, professional head-hunters are able to work alongside your matchmaker, identifying possible perfect matches outside of our extensive client list. If you have a very particular set of preferences, a head-hunting facility is recommended. We want to give you the very best chance of finding your dream relationship!


All of our By Invitation Only members are pre-screened via personal verification checks and an interview. Like all of our members, they have made a commitment to finding a genuine, loving relationship.


What Does A Head-Hunter Do?


Our head-hunters use a variety of networking tools both online and in person. They also use magazine and newspaper advertising. Highly experienced within our industry, our head-hunters work closely with our Personal Matchmaking Team in order to continually gain deeper insight into the qualities each client is looking for in a potential partner.


A Day in the Life of a Head-Hunter


9am - Information gathering call with matchmakers re. a fabulous, new client.

10.30am - Interview with Marc - a charming and eligible potential By Invitation Only Member - at The Institute of Directors, Pall Mall.

2pm - Write up interview notes and send to matchmakers to find out if they agree Marc could be a great match for my beautiful, London based client, Claire.

4pm - Draft discreet personal ad for a high-profile client in a national magazine.

6pm - Networking event with single entrepreneurs at a roof-top bar in Chelsea.

10.30pm - Ready for a good night's sleep after a great day meeting some of the UK's most desirable singles!

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All members are ID checked and vetted prior to joining to ensure your safety!

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