Do Dating Agencies Work?

Largely you should expect everything you would from a dating app or an online dating site but done personally for you and by an expert, in a nutshell that is why you’d normally expect to pay more for a traditional, face to face agency, to utilise the expertise of your own personal matchmaker, which is a highly personal service and much more labour intensive – but then again dealing with an expert in any field usually does cost more.

The advantages that an online dating site has are cost and volume, it is usually considerably cheaper to join a dating site or app, but at the end of the day you are just borrowing their software as it is actually you the member that does the work.


For Instance:


  • You complete your personal details and pay.
  • You complete the personal questionnaire that leads to the creation of a profile, which is often quite difficult as writing about yourself can be tricky for some.
  • You take, choose, crop and prepare your photographs and upload them. When your profile has been approved i.e. checked for offensive items, nudity or sexual content, the fun can begin and you can start your search for a potential partner. This involves trawling through hundreds (sometimes thousands) of often badly written and amateurish profiles (some people just can’t write about themselves effectively and impartially), searching for the one that maybe ticks most of the boxes and that you’d like to pursue.   
  • If you reach that stage then an email to the potential target of your affection is the next step and you sit back and await a response, which is likely to be between 12 and 22% if you’re female or between 1 and 9% if you’re male, according to stats provided by, quite startling statistics and quite daunting if you’re male – just better than 1 response in 10 at the top end but sadly only 1 in 100 at the bottom end. That must be quite soul destroying and it’s not that much better for the ladies – just short of 1 in 4 men reply at best or 1 in 8 at the worst level.   
  • If you do get a response you might think it becomes much easier, but building a rapport and trust with that person over the weeks and maybe months can be a slog but you never know things could go quite swimmingly and the two of you agree to meet for a date, typically ‘the one hour coffee date’ is favourite – where you can give each other the once over without any sort of commitment or compulsion to move further forward. 
  • At this stage some feedback is the right sort of dating etiquette, so when you get home it’s best to thank your opposite number for meeting you by text, email or message on the site and wait with trepidation for the response – as sadly most do fall by the wayside at this point and it’s then back to square one. But we hope that’s not the case for you obviously.

The big difference about using a personal matchmaking or traditional dating agency is that almost all of the above is done for you by your personal matchmaker and you are guided and supported by your own expert, every step of the way. So although it will almost inevitably cost more, there are clear benefits throughout the dating process and your profile would have been professionally written and prepared for you too.


The chances of finding success with a traditional dating agency would be significantly higher than using a dating site or app, as almost everybody is seriously looking for a partner – our fee payments mean that is almost 100% certain and that works very well, as it ensures a focused and positive database of clients, who really do want to meet a long term partner, without the ‘players’ that inevitably seem to be a feature of every online dating site or dating app and they can seem very predatory to newcomers.

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All members are ID checked and vetted prior to joining to ensure your safety!

At Avenues Dating all of our members have also been personally interviewed and are part of a long term membership with us, this is for a minimum of a year and can be for up to 15 months, with the option to extend this beyond that timescale if you choose to do that for an additional monthly cost. We also include a generous ‘on hold’ facility too with every membership, this enables you to put your membership ‘on hold’ whilst you are dating, to give you the chance (or even the luxury) to carefully evaluate your dates and to explore whether they have the potential to become your long term partner, without any sort of rush.   


Because all of our members are long term ones, our Personal Matchmaking team and even individual Matchmakers, get to know them really well, during the course of their memberships, very much like a friend, who is there to talk to you and advise you at any time and also ‘put a word in’ for you, with a potential partner and give a very positive endorsement of you – something that is worth its weight in gold on many occasions and often some of our best successes come from this type of intervention. 


So yes during the lifetime of their membership, people often get to build a really strong rapport and even friendship with their Matchmaker. After they have decided to join, their Matchmaker is their main contact within the Company, they do a huge percentage of our interviews, create the professional members profile and will even help a new member choose what photographs to include. For Head Office based interviews these have often been taken by our very own photography expert Alison Burford in our office based studio or outside in the courtyard if the light is going to be more favourable. It’s actually these small but critically important features that help achieve success and go a long way towards bringing that wonderful long term partner into the life of our clients. Features and personal service that cannot be part of an online ‘DIY Dating’ membership, where you are largely on your own in taking things forward.     


In answer to the original question ‘Do Dating Agencies work”? We believe the answer has to lie in the success rate that is achieved for members and for Attractive Partners that is around 90%. Now that doesn’t mean that that 90% of people go on to get engaged or married (although we do have some wonderful success stories and lots of great testimonials) but it means that 90% of members go into exchange with us at least once and are happily dating someone that they have been matched with. Many people actually achieve this on multiple occasions during their membership.  


So to summarise yes Dating Agencies DO work and their advantages are many. Here are a few reasons why we believe that to be an indisputable fact here at Attractive Partners. 


  • We offer higher quality matches than you could expect online as they have been carefully thought out by a Professional Matchmaker.   
  • You can come and visit us and check us out at no obligation and without any pressure or compulsion to join. 
  • We offer a choice of 4 different long term memberships that are competitively priced and offer great value in terms of the personal and comprehensive nature of the service that we provide. All of which offer an ‘on hold’ facility so you can properly evaluate each and every date and give it a better chance of being successful. 
  • You will work with your very own Personal Matchmaker, who you will usually strike up a great rapport with during the lifetime of your membership.
  • We carefully check out every member prior to joining so can guarantee that all of the dates that we recommend to you are 100% genuine, are 100% who they say they are and have not ever been involved in crime.
  • Our database of members is the largest in the UK of personally interviewed and carefully vetted individuals and is therefore one of the most sought after. We also cover the whole of mainland Great Britain, even the more remote of areas and all age groups from 30+ right up to people enjoying an active retirement. 
  • We greatly value your privacy and never will your profile or photographs appear on a public internet site, they are only shared between you, your Matchmaker and carefully selected clients who we believe could be a good match for you. We offer an extra level of confidentiality for higher level memberships too.
  • We also offer higher levels of priority for our Members joining at our Vogue and Principal membership levels, where you get access to our range of new joiners first. 
  • We offer a choice of interviews and interview depths. We also conduct interviews in your own home if you prefer and wherever you are in the country too, at a mutually convenient, neutral venue or at our own Head Office, in the pretty town of Alcester, Warwickshire, part of Stratford Upon Avon District. 

Headhunting is one of the benefits of of our Vogue, Principal and Elite memberships, with Kerry Weston our Headhunter being a further benefit, if you’re looking for a specific type of partner that we wouldn’t necessarily have an abundance of on our existing database. We also work with multiple agencies around the UK, as part of the Inter agency Matching Group.

If you are newly out of a long marriage or long term partnership that you thought may well have been for life, then dating again could be a real shock to the system, after many years of not having to expose yourself to meeting new potential partners. In these circumstances one of our renown dating coaches, could really help get you in the right headspace to make the absolute most of your membership and to help maximise on the opportunities that we can provide for you. 

We are part of the lager Dating Options Group, of personal matchmaking brands so enjoy the security of being part of a larger group. We are also founder members of the Dating agency Association and adhere to their very stringent code of practice – have a look for yourself at

One of our sister companies is RSVP, check them out at  They specialise in high quality singles events around much of the UK – so if you’d like to dance at a Black Tie Ball, enjoy fine food in special company, or enjoy active pursuits such as Go Karting or White Water Rafting, then we would be able to offer you a discounted rate to join RSVP and all of the fun things that they do. Our Membership Advisers would be pleased to tell you more about joining – it could enhance your social life even more.


So would you like to hear more about how the Attractive Partners dating agency works? Well we’d love to help in any way we can. Whether that involves answering your questions over an email or a phone call (which incidentally is free and always at our expense), meeting face to face at your home or in a mutually convenient neutral venue, or arranging for you to visit our office in Alcester, Warwickshire (part of Stratford Upon Avon District and convenient for Birmingham, Coventry, Oxford, Cheltenham, Worcester, Wolverhampton and not far off the M42, M40, M6, M5 and M1/M45) where you can meet our whole team and get to know us thoroughly before you move forward, we’d be delighted to see you and help you make the right decision as to whether or not we’d be right for you.      


There is never any obligation or compulsion to join, just a polite, friendly, non pressured meeting and the chance to meet our whole team, see them in action and get a clear understanding of how we work. If you’d like us to arrange a meeting, you can call us on 0800 644 4140 or click on the contact form below and one of our Membership Adviser team will ring you for a chat. You have absolutely nothing to lose, but potentially a massive amount to gain and a whole new life and wonderful new partner could be just around the corner. So please make that call. 

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