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In this world of hi technology and the switch from personal interaction to virtual interactions it’s easy to start to feel left behind with certain things – what my children and grandchildren can do with technology blows my mind at times. So, I guess the question has to be this, in the world of dating where is the best place to look for the opportunity to find a companion and love as a senior? 

Getting Started


I think the first question you need to ask yourself is what you are looking for – I know that sounds a bit obvious, but it really is relevant as there is so many options out there to choose from. Let’s have a look at some of these options that are available to you.


Online Mature Dating Sites


Let’s start with online dating options as there are so many to choose from. When doing my research before writing this I googled dating for seniors, mature dating and 50s plus dating, the surprising thing is that the main sites to come up were all online dating sites such as, eHarmany , POF and Ourtime – it’s worth mentioning that I also searched for under 30s dating and gay dating and got the same search results, leaving a bit of doubt in my mind. If you did want to go down the route of online dating, you’ll have a bit of work to do. Firstly, you will have to upload your personal details, photos and write a brief bio – for a cost you can add more photos, a longer bio and access to a larger pool of people. Once done you can then start to scroll through the different profiles.


The Pitfalls of Online Dating Apps


As there are so many dangers to online dating it is incredibly important to try to stay as safe as you possibly can. Understanding and being aware of the dangers that lurk is so important so you can try to avoid them - just like you do in every other aspect of your life. Fake profiles are rife, over 1,000,000 in the UK alone, so ask innocuous questions while you chat with them, revisit these questions next time you speak and see if the answers are consistent. If they have children or grand children ask for a picture of them together, again so you can check their picture matches their profile. If you progress to a first date, always tell someone where you are going, what time you are going and when you will be leaving – also make sure your first date is in a public place. Also remember that the online dating scene is also a hotbed for scammers, so never give your financial details or send someone money. At one point there was 16 million people using online dating, that has now dropped to just 5 million, with 1 million fake profiles – so 1 in 5 people you interact with won’t be who they say they are.


Personal Matchmaking Service


The alternative to online dating is a Personal Matchmaking service. With this approach you can avoid the dangers outlined above, providing it is a Professional Matchmaking service. This once deemed old fashioned service is becoming increasingly more popular as people have become disillusioned with online dating. How it differs is you are dealing with real people. The process begins with an initial enquiry, you should not be feeling pressured in any way. If it’s something that interests you, your Membership Adviser will talk at length with you to find out the sort of person you’re looking for and if the service being offered is right for you. After that if you want to progress with a membership, you would be placed in the safe hands of the onboarding team. Here they do a series of reassuring checks through Lexis Nexis – a system that checks for residency, bankruptcy, solvency, crime and fraud. Everybody who joins will have gone through the same process, giving you the peace of mind that you will be in a safe environment to find a companion. Once you have approved your profile and had a welcome call from your Matchmaker your journey to find love begins. Your Matchmaker will work tirelessly to find somebody that in the main fits your preferences – it’s worth mentioning that the more open you are the better chance of success you will have, also, love comes from the most surprising of places, so always try being as openminded as you can. Unlike online you won’t have numerous profiles being sent your way, this process is 1 at a time, giving you the opportunity to give each one your careful consideration. One of the nicest things about using a Matchmaker is you’re not on your own, you’ll always have your Matchmakers support every step of the way.

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